• Please have this form completed before coming to the hospital. Your pet will be brought into the hospital by a team member, the doctor will do an exam and any questions / conversations will be by phone. Please have a cell phone ready and the number of that phone on this form. Payment of services will be curbside as well, and expected after this visit is complete.

    Curbside Appointment - Please arrive 10mins before your appointment time
    Park - Please park in one of our numbered parking spaces.
    Notifying us of your arrival - Please call our office once you have arrived
    Pet prepared - Please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier before we come to the car.
    Face Coverings - For your safety and the safety of our team members, please have a face covering on properly during the transfer of your pet, when handing off samples, or picking up medications and food.

    If requested, please have a fecal sample and/or urine sample available

    Email: omvhrecords@gmail.com
    FAX: 703-779-7440
    Questions? Call: 703-779-2903

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